Manuscript Submission Guidelines

International Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-based Systems (AH2000)

Conference proceedings will be published in Springer Verlag LNCS series. Please, follow the publisher's instructions that are available at to prepare the final version of your paper in both paper and electronic formats. Note that the page limits for all kinds of submissions were extended. A full paper can now occupy up to 12 pages in Springer's format (instead of 10), a short paper 4 (instead of 3), and a DC paper 6 pages (instead of 5). For each paper you have to submit a copyright form, a camera-ready manuscript, and an electronic version. Please, follow the submission procedure described below.

Copyright Form

The copyright form, which we ask all contributing authors to complete and sign, is located at Please make sure that you send us a completed and signed form together with the hard copy of the manuscript. It is sufficient if one author from each contribution signs the form on behalf of all the other authors.

Sending off the Printed Manuscript

Please send two originals of your printed manuscript (single-sided original printout) and copyright forms carefully packed to:

Carlo Strapparava
via Sommarive, 18
I-38050 Povo Trento ITALY

This address is suitable for courier services as well as for postal services. We recommend that you use a courier service. Please declare your parcel as scientific documents without commercial value. We will confirm receipt of the manuscript as soon as it has arrived. Note that the parcel has to arrive by midnight May 25.

Naming the Electronic Files

Please name all files in the following way to avoid confusion. Always use 8 digits plus extension ( The name of the file should be the first 8 letters (or less) of the first author of the paper and the extension should indicate the type of the file. Use all lover case letters. For example, the PS file of a contribution with the first author Brusilovsky should have the name, and the DVI file of a contribution with the first author Stern should have the name stern.dvi. Figures, special style files etc. should be copied into a folder with the above mentioned name (without extension). If necessary, please add a readme file. The other files belonging to a contribution (e.g. TEX, DVI, PS, and PDF files) can also be copied into this folder. We would appreciate it if you could compress the files (e.g. altogether with directory information preserved) for example with zip or stuffit.

Submitting the Electronic Files

Please use our ftp server to upload the files of the final manuscripts:

login: anonymous
password: e-mail address
cd pub/ah2000/incoming
put nameofthefile

Note that from outside you will not be able to read or list files in the directory "incoming". However, you should be able to upload your file(s) there. Please, inform us ( if you have problems with uploading your data. The files should be uploaded by midnight May 25.

Sending a follow-up letter

It is essential that you then send an email letter immediately to inform us that you have uploaded the files. The letter should be sent to It should include the following data in plain ASCII: the title, author's name(s), the number of pages in your final manuscript, and the name of the uploaded file. The subject of the email letter should be "AH2000 final submission: <name>" where <name> is simply the name of the first author. Please, make sure that the title and the names are spelled correctly -- this information will be used to prepare a table of contents for the book.

Here is a sample:

Adaptive Web-based Tutoring: Student-Centered Approach
T. Gavrilova and N. Stash
4 pages